Monday, September 1, 2008

X5 notebook pc 7 inch Mini Portable laptop

Detailed Product Description

X5 notebook pc ONLY 99 USD(cost) 7 inch Mini Portable laptop computer hot sell laptop notebook laptop brand New Portable, THE FIRST LOW PRICE UMPC IN THE GLOBAL MARKET.

Features and specifications of X5

1.400 MHz Intel /Marvell Xscale CPU

2.Super slim and light:21.3 cm*14.2 cm *3.3 cm ,about 725 g only.

3.7 TFT LCD (analog)

4.128 M SDRAM

5.MSystems MDOC 1GB NAND fast flash on board.

6.80 keys keyboard with touch pad

7.Bundled with USB 10/100 M LAN adaptor

8.Connector:VGA*1,RJ45*1,USB*2,MIC*1,Earphone jack*1,Line-in*1


10.Bundled with:Linux OS, and MSN,TXT editing,Word,Excel,Power point and PDF packages,Media Player.

11.Battery :2100mA/h Li-polymer battery

12.Power: AC 110-240V,3.0A,10.0 V DC