Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sharp Willcom D4

Price as reviewed $1300

The Willcom D4 is an amazing feast of miniaturization: at 188 x 84 x 25.9mm, for about 1.0 lbs (470g), this is the smallest Windows Vista computer UMPC. It has a sliding QWERTY keyboard and the screen can be tilted to offer better visual comfort. It is one of the many ATOM-powered (ATOM is a low-power chip from Intel) UMPC will see the light of day, starting from June, when Intel launches its low-power line-up.

* 1.3Ghz Atom CPU
* 1GB of RAM
* 5” 1024x600 (262k colors) display
* WiFi, Bluetooth
* 40GB HDD (1.8”)
* GSM Capable
* Available in June (Japan), $1300