Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Gigabyte U60


Ultra Mobile PC, or abbreviated - UMPC, designed to fill the gap created between the ultra laptops, as well as communicators and departing into the past naladonnikami. In the long run, these small, but full-fledged computers could and did drive out the most compact model laptops. However, this should surpass last UMPC functionality and ease of use. For example, new cheap UMPC Gigabyte U60 we are today and see how close the approaches to the ultra ultramobilnye PC laptops.


The device has a relatively small size, 190 x 120,8 x 20,3 mm, and modest compared to a lot of laptops in the town 740 Plastic corpus is a horizontal slider, on the front panel which is the touch screen, and below it, at the bottom part of the shell, hidden full QWERTY-keyboard


Design new items can be described as strict and fairly modest - a manufacturer clearly paid more attention to the functionality and convenience, rather than seeking.