Thursday, June 26, 2008

Zepto Znote 3414W

Searching for a transportable office Laptop? If the EEE-PC and comparable laptops aren't idyllic, for the reason that their recital does not please your requirements, the Mac Book Air by Apple and the X300 by Lenovo are merely too luxurious, and 15.4 inch middle class laptop not handy enough, it's about time to mull over a laptop with portable 14.1 inch screen.

The 14.1 inch Znote 3414W produced by Zepto Carries the dimensions of 33.7 cm x 24.4 cm x 4.3 cm large and therewith about 8 to 10 percent lesser than wide-spread 15.4 inch laptops. Weighing 2.5 kilograms in whole, it is still practical, although other laptops of the similar size, e.g., the Fujitsu Siemens Esprimo Mobile M9400 and the Samsung X22-Pro, which weigh at about 2.2. Kilograms are still lighter and peak concerning on weight.

The evaluated Znote 3414W was prepared with an Intel Core 2 Duo Mobile processor T7250. The T7250 is similar to the T7300 planted with a highest clock rate of 2.0 GHz. But, the economical T7250 is only powered with 2 as an alternative of 4 MB 2nd-level cache (L2). In practice the presentation dissimilarity is that negligible that the consumer will barely be familiar with any. Two DDRII-667 RAM units of 1.024MB capability each provide a total RAM capability of 2 GB. In addition, the customer is free to decide supplementary parts at arrangement time.

The screen of the reviewed laptop is a 14.1 inch sparkly WXGA wide display.
The Znote 3414W by Zepto is equipped with a shade of matte black keyboard with 87 keys. The maximum volume of the incorporated speakers is not elevated. In homecoming there are barely any deformations.

The sound level in inoperative mode and with customary office work load is little. We calculated 33.3 dB (A). Also under standard load the noise level is only 38.2 dB (A), which is all right. Idling under Vista, we gauge an power insist of 17.6 up to 27.2 Watt. This is about customary for laptops with this paraphernalia. The power insists is much superior with standard load (50.6 Watt) and as high as 75.6 Watt under full load.
The 6 cells power pack of 53Wh battery has a sprint time of up to 3.5h with the Battery Eater Reader's test.

The Znote 3414W by Zepto is a customary performer. This rock-hard 14.1 inch laptop weighs only at around 2.5 kg, its workmanship is high-quality and its input units are easy to use. When compared to supplementary 14.1 inch laptops its gear is also high-quality. So is the request presentation, whereas the sound emissions are low in office means. To sum up, the Zepto Znote 3414W tariff is good.

+ Compressed size
+ Reasonable weight
+ Rock-hard Case
+ High-quality workmanship
+ Concrete input apparatus

- Lid responsive to force
- Keyboard arrangement not typical
- No DVI or HDMI